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Xinglong Kung Fu School Croatia

As China remains closed for international travel, study and tourism, Master Wang has reopened his school in Rovinj, Croatia.

The new school runs during the winter months only, opening on November 1st 2022 and closing April 1st 2023, and is currently accepting applications. Find out more below.


Our school offers full-time training for students of any level, beginners or advanced, who want to train martial arts in a serious environment and progress their martial skills. Students train Monday-Friday for around 7-8 hours per day, with Saturday and Sunday left as rest days for students to relax and train in their own time. Please be aware that the majority of training takes place outdoors and the weather can be cold and wet, so please prepare and dress accordingly.


Training includes Shaolin skills (basics, forms, physical conditioning/stretching, Qinna/applications, Sanda and Qigong) as well as Tai Chi (basics, forms and standing meditation in addition to practices such as Push Hands for more advanced students).

Shifu Teaching Classes

School Location

We are located about 5km away from the town of Rovinj, Croatia. Our current location is within easy walking distance of the beach and Croatian hills and countryside, with training often taking place outdoors in the surrounding area.

On the weekends, students are free to visit Rovinj and go sightseeing and grocery shopping in the town as well as relax and train in their own time.

Fees & Accommodation

Fees at the school are €750 per month.

This price includes:

  • 5 days per week of full-time training and tuition from Master Wang

  • Accommodation

  • Utilities bills (water, heating, electricity, WiFi)

This price does NOT include food. Students will be responsible for buying and cooking their own food in the shared kitchen facilities provided.

Accommodation is shared, with 2 students per room. All students have access to shared toilets, shower facilities, kitchen areas (including fridge/mini freezer, stovetop/hob and basic cooking utensils) and laundry machines.

Sunset Pic 2

The below schedule is shows an average week at the school, however it is subject to changes on a day-to-day basis depending on what Master Wang wants the group to focus on during a session as well as how factors such as weather affect the training.

Image 03-12-2022 at 15.32.jpg

Preparing to Arrive

What to Bring
  • Although the school provides training weapons, pads and weight training equipment, students will need to bring their own boxing/kickboxing gloves and a mouthguard. We also recommend bringing kickboxing shin protectors and you may wish to bring a protective cup to wear during sparring/applications training.

  • Make sure you bring training clothes suitable for the season you will be training in. During the winter months, it is usually around 5-10°C; training mostly takes place outdoors as we have limited indoor training facilities, so please make sure you dress appropriate to the temperature. Also ensure you bring clothes which you can move around in easily when stretching, kicking, doing low stances etc.

  • Ensure you bring footwear which you are comfortable exercising in for extended periods of time. Running shoes are helpful for when doing warm up and runs as a group, whilst Kung Fu shoes such as Feiyues are well suited for practicing forms, kicks etc.

  • Bring any books, electronic devices etc with you to pass the time in between classes, as well as any specific training equipment you want to use and any specific vitamins/supplements you like to take.

  • Bring a towel and toiletries, as the school does not provide these.

  • Whilst we try to create a safe environment for training, the school is not liable for any injury or illness whilst students are training here; please ensure you have health insurance covering you for your stay.

School Rules

The same rules of our school in China apply to the new school in Croatia:

  • Alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs are prohibited

  • No fighting (outside of practice fighting in class)

  • Students must follow the training schedule - if you are sick, injured or cannot attend training, you must discuss it with Master Wang prior to class.

  • No swearing during training

  • Students must respect each other and their master

The rules of the school must be followed strictly along with Croatian law. If students fight, use drugs, solicit prostitution, engage in any other illegal behaviour, or break any of the schools rules, the school will immediately dismiss them without refund of tuition and will not protect them from prosecution under Croatian law. We are trying to build a team of hard-working, focused individuals with the single purpose of bettering themselves.

Training Before You Arrive

We accept people of all fitness levels and training abilities here at our school. However if you have some time to prepare with some basic training before you arrive, this will help make you to make the most of your stay, allow you to progress faster and allow you to build up your fitness levels before going into full-time training.

Whilst not compulsory, try to prepare for your stay by doing the following:

  • Fitness training. Anything which helps build your strength and cardio will beneficial; exercises we do regularly at the school include running, bunny hops (squat jumps), pushups and holding Kung Fu stances.

  • Flexibility training. This is an important part of Shaolin Kung Fu, with many of the movements requiring a flexible body to execute properly. We don't expect students to be able to do the full splits before they arrive, but stretching your legs, back and shoulders before you come will help a lot when learning basic combinations and forms upon arrival at the school.

  • Follow along with our basics classes available for free as part of our online school. This will help to build a foundation for your Kung Fu study at the school - try following the movements carefully and familiarising yourself with the basics, as this will allow you to learn much faster once you arrive for training in person.

Apply Today

Applications are currently open to come and train with us in Croatia. Get in touch with any questions and apply via our Contact page below.

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