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24 Step Complete Tai Chi Course

Our new 24 Step Tai Chi course is now available on Udemy!

Note: please purchase through this link if possible. This allows your payment to go directly to Master Wang. When purchased on Udemy without going via this link, Master Wang receives only 37% of the sale, with the remainder going to Udemy.

Learn the complete 24 Step form from Master Wang from home in this step-by-step course. Whether you are a complete beginner to Tai Chi or a long-term practitioner looking to brush up on your form and learn Tai Chi theory, this course provides all you need to study remotely.

What will I learn in the course?

The course teaches the full Yang Style Tai Chi 24 Step form, including full movement details and theory.

Each class teaches a new section of the form, showing the movements from a front and back angle alongside a voiceover providing in-depth guidance on the section. There is also an in-built question & answer feature in the course, where you have the chance to send Master Wang any queries about the form or ask for clarification on the material taught.

At the end of the course, you will put the full form together and explore fundamental Tai Chi theory which will help you continue to progress your Tai Chi as you continue to practice and refine your form.

How long is the course?

The course contains around 1.5 hours of video content altogether, which is divided into 11 lectures. The course is sold as a complete bundle, meaning that when you purchase the course, you gain access to all 11 lectures and the learning material for the complete form, with nothing held back behind future paywalls. Each lecture is designed to be concise and information-dense, giving you all the important details and reference material in bite-sized classes. This makes it perfect for those with busy schedules who want shorter class formats, making it easier to fit in training amongst your daily schedule.

How long will it take to learn?

How long it will take you to complete the form depends on your level of experience and how regularly you practice. For most beginners, the course can be completed in around 2 months with short daily training sessions. Mastering the form, however, will take many years of consistent practice.

How long do I get to keep the course for?

Once purchased, the course is yours forever, including any future updates, improvements or extra resources added to the course. This means that even after you have finished learning the form, you can continue to refer back to the videos as you refine the form and deepen your knowledge of Tai Chi for years to come.

You can also download the course for offline learning at any time, making it perfect for travel, internet outages and areas with a slow connection.

How do I buy the course?

The course is currently available on Udemy. When purchasing, please use this link to the course if possible. When purchased via Udemy without using the link, Master Wang receives only 37% of the sale, with the remainder going to Udemy. You can also use the code "MASTERWANG24STEP" for $10 off the price of the course when you purchase before August 11th!

We hope you enjoy the course!


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