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Tai Chi & Qigong Winter Retreat

Running from February 1st to 6th 2025, this retreat is suitable for all levels of experience. Study traditional internal Chinese martial arts in-depth under Master Wang in the beautiful setting of Rovinj, Croatia.

€750 when booked before September 1st


Improve Your Health

Tai Chi is an excellent low-impact form of exercise proven to decrease stress, lower blood pressure and improve reflexes and coordination.

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Find Balance

Discover how to use Tai Chi and Qigong to find better balance in your training and everyday life.


Focused Training

Learn in a small group (maximum 8 students) under Master Wang, official Yang-style Tai Chi inheritor and teacher with over 20 years of experience.

Timetable & Fees

Included in the retreat is:

- 24 hours total training under Master Wang

- Shared accommodation (Male and female separate apartments adjacent to the training site. Maximum 3 people per apartment, each apartment has its own shared kitchen and bathroom.)

- Two lectures on Tai Chi covering theory and history

- Group BBQ on final night of retreat

- Certificate of achievement upon completion of the retreat

Food (with the exception of the group BBQ on the last night) and transport to and from the retreat are not included.

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Including shared accommodation and training: €750 when booked before September 1st, or €850 when booked after September 1st. These prices include a €150 booking fee to secure accommodation and a place on the course.

Individuals who wish to organise their own accommodation or who wish to request private accommodation at the retreat should get in contact via the form below.

What Will I Learn?

During the retreat, beginner students will learn Yang Style 13 Step form, whilst students with former Tai Chi experience can discuss with Master Wang which form they would like to learn.

Teaching during the retreat will not be focused just on learning movements, but rather on developing skill and gaining an in-depth understanding of the theory and purpose behind the material learnt.


Want to know more about what to expect from the retreat? Take a look at what one of the students from our 2024 Croatia Winter Retreat had to say about her experience:

Training and accommodation just


when booked before September 1st.

Apply Today

Register for the Tai Chi Winter Retreat via the form below:

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