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Learn Wuxing Shiliu Fa from 32nd generation Shaolin Master Shi Xinglong

This one-month Zoom course covers Wuxing Shiliu Fa (Five Elements 16 Methods Boxing), a rare traditional Shaolin form suitable for both beginners and advanced students.

Learn the form directly from Master Wang (Buddhist name Shi Xinglong) over the course of 10 one-hour sessions, going in-depth on the form and its principles, body mechanics and skills.

€120 one-time payment for the course

Learn authentic traditional Shaolin Kung Fu

This​ course offers the opportunity to learn directly from Master Wang, 32nd generation Master of the Shaolin Temple in China, from the comfort of your own home.

You will be learning a rare substyle of Shaolin which few people today have the opportunity to learn. Shaolin Wuxing Shiliu Fa, or Five Elements 16 Methods Boxing, is a traditional style which both encapsulates the unique character of Shaolin Temple's Kung Fu heritage whilst also presenting its own distinctive features. The form is short, simple and beautiful but contains an excellent depth of theory and body mechanics (Shenfa) making it suitable for both beginners who have never trained Shaolin Kung Fu as well as a valuable learning opportunity for experienced Shaolin practitioners who want to build upon their skillset.

The course will take place over 1 month and includes 10 group classes over Zoom where Master Wang will teach the full form and its details. Students will be required to attend all classes, as the group will be learning the form together section by section. Dates of all classes are below; please note that times are listed in CEST (Central European Summer Time), so you may need to adjust this according to your timezone. Each class is one hour long.

  • Saturday September 30th 5pm

  • Sunday October 1st 5pm

  • Saturday October 7th 5pm

  • Sunday October 8th 5pm

  • Saturday October 14th 5pm

  • Sunday October 15th 5pm

  • Saturday October 21st 5pm

  • Sunday October 22nd 5pm

  • Saturday October 28th 5pm

  • Sunday October 29th 5pm

Before you start: although no prior experience is required for the course, having a familiarity with at least the basic stances of Kung Fu will allow you to progress much more easily in the course. You can find our full guide to Shaolin basic stances here or our Shaolin online fundamentals school here, all available for free.

The full course is €120, made via a one-time payment via either Wise or Paypal at the start of the course. Students will be required to keep their cameras on throughout the course so that Master Wang can assess the group's progress and provide feedback.

To sign up and reserve your place on the course, please email and let us know your name, whether you have any previous experience and any questions you have about the course.

Xing Long Kung Fu School China

Traditional Shaolin & Tai Chi Martial Arts Academy

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