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School Update

Due to the coronavirus situation, our school is unable to open in China at present.

However, Master Wang is restarting his school near Rovinj, Croatia, for students who want to live and train full-time with him. The school will be open during the winter months only, opening on November 1st 2022 and closing on April 1st, 2023.

The school will focus on Shaolin and Tai Chi training and is open to people from around the world. Whether you are a complete beginner or experienced martial artist, Shifu will guide you in progressing your martial arts skills and helping you to become stronger, healthier and more confident.

Our new school is currently accepting applications. We'd love for you to join us.



Students posing with Wang Sifu in the main training hall

What the school has to offer

Xing Long Kung Fu School is a small martial arts training facility, located just outside of Siping City, Jilin province, in northern China. It is run by Master Wang Xing Long (Buddhist name Shi Xing Long), a 32nd generation Shaolin master. Here, we teach traditional Shaolin forms, Sanda (Chinese kickboxing and form application), Yang-style Tai Chi, and Qigong (a form of meditation). Our school is not a holiday retreat. It is for serious trainees who are looking to immerse themselves in martial arts practice full time. Master Wang accepts all students who are willing to push themselves past their limits and try their best to achieve the highest levels of Kung Fu that they are capable of.

There is only one master (Wang Sifu) at Xing Long Kungfu School and the number of students averages between 5 - 10, year round. This ensures that each student can get the necessary attention and instruction individually and the group can maintain an intense focus on their collective goal of mastering martial skills.

  • Traditional, Chinese style training under a renowned Shaolin master

  • Maximum school capacity of 16 students, providing intimate training conditions and 1 on 1 time with the master for each student

  • Master Wang, retired combat champion, can help students understand realistic application of traditional techniques

  • Exposure to both internal and external styles (Tai Chi and Shaolin)

  • Isolated school, quiet, and distraction free environment

  • Long-term students receive help applying for student visas

  • Unique grading system among Chinese martial arts styles - Students are able to obtain a black belt in Xing Long Kungfu

  • Successful students will be given a certificate, signed and stamped by the headmaster of the school, as proof of their achievements

Rules of the school

  • Alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs are prohibited

  • No fighting (outside of practice fighting in class)

  • Students must follow training schedule

  • No swearing during training

  • Students must respect each other and their master

School Video for 2017


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Xing Long Kung Fu School China

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