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Learn Shaolin Kung Fu Online

Learn authentic Shaolin Kung Fu through our online classes with Master Wang. Find out more below.

Learn Shaolin Kung Fu Online

Through our Shaolin Kung Fu online programme, we hope to:


  • Provide people with an introduction to the benefits of Shaolin Kung Fu practice, helping them to become stronger and healthier. Today, many people live sedentary lifestyles and work long hours sitting at desks; basic Kung Fu training can help regulate and strengthen the whole body as well as correct imbalances and relieve tension. Regular training can also provide structure to your life and relieve stress and anxiety through adjusting your mind and body through practice.

  • Help people to gain fundamental Kung Fu skills (基本功, Jīběngōng) which create a solid foundation should they choose to continue future study.


The course is designed to be accessible - you can follow the entire course from your living room, and you can participate in the classes at a level comfortable for you regardless of your age or fitness levels.


Finally, remember - Kung Fu is in the quality, not the quantity. Try to take your time with the course and practice the material from each class well before moving onto the next one. Once you’re comfortable with the movements you’ve learned during a class, we suggest filming yourself training the new material and rewatching the footage to help you understand where you can improve. Good luck!

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