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Online Classes with Master Wang

If you're interested in training directly with Master Wang from anywhere in the world, or if you are looking for feedback on your training after learning the material from our Online School, our Online Classes are a great way to learn remotely. Group classes are offered on Saturdays and Sundays as well as weekday evenings Croatian time, whilst private classes can be booked at any time subject to Master Wang's availability.

One-to-One Classes

Master Wang offers one-to-one online classes in either Tai Chi, Qigong or Shaolin basics/forms. These classes are bespoke to the individual; whether you are looking to improve your fitness, learn martial arts skills or bring discipline into your daily life, Master Wang will guide you with class content unique to your goals and abilities. Classes are one hour in length and can be booked during the private class timeslots subject to availability (see timetable below). After you have chosen which field you wish to study (Tai Chi, Qigong or Shaolin), Master Wang will take the first few classes to build your foundation and understand your strengths and weaknesses before starting to create a training plan unique to you. If you continue training for long enough, this will include forms/weapons/Qigong sets chosen by Master Wang specifically to compliment and enhance your body's characteristics and your personal style.

Group Classes

Group classes are over Zoom and take place at the below times. Please note that these times listed are in Central European Time; you may need to adjust the times to your timezone depending on where you live. We have tried to ensure we have group classes at times which are accessible for students worldwide, however please let us know if none of these times work for you as we are open to creating new group classes at different times if there is enough demand.

Group classes are one hour long and are limited to a maximum of 10 students on a first come, first served basis. This smaller class size is to ensure that Master Wang can assess the group's training effectively and provide some feedback and individual corrections to students. The group will follow Master Wang as he runs through drills and techniques, learning material as a group.

Shifu Teaching Baduanjin Online

Class Timetable

Our class times are listed below. These are designed to be accessible for students around the world in different timezones and to provide training options for students of different levels of ability. Please note that this timetable is subject to change as we get online classes up and running and discover what times are best suited for group classes etc - so please let us know if a different time works best for you so we can continue to improve.

- Shaolin classes are a great choice for those who want to build their fitness and learn martial arts skills. These are divided into beginner level classes (covering Shaolin basics and elementary forms alongside working on your fitness, strength and flexibility) and intermediate level classes (covering more advanced material). Beginner level classes are open to students of every level of skill and fitness - whether you have some past experience or have never trained martial arts before, these classes are a great way to polish your basics. Intermediate level classes are the progression from beginner group classes and are invite-only; if you build a solid foundation, follow class rules and train regularly in the beginner classes, Master Wang will ask you to continue your training as part of the intermediate group.

- Qigong classes are suitable for people of all levels and are ideal for those who work office jobs or live a more sedentary lifestyle. These classes are based on slow and soft movements which are intended to help clear the mind, regulate the body, improve posture and provide a gentle full-body stretch. The group will follow Master Wang as he teaches Qigong practices like Baduanjin and Zhan Zhuang, explaining the movements as well as details such as breathing and the purpose of each movement. 

- Tai Chi classes are suitable for people of all ages and abilities and are perfect for those who want a low-impact form of exercise which works on balance, coordination and mobility. The group will learn Tai Chi basics and forms together, with Master Wang explaining the details and principles behind each movement. These classes are perfect if you are looking for a new hobby to immerse yourself in which challenges your mind and coordination skills, providing a rich field of study which you can continue to practice and refine regardless of age and fitness levels.

For students who want more a more bespoke form of training or who want to supplement their group classes with individual training with Master Wang, the timetable below also lists times when you can book one-to-one classes with Master Wang.

Online Class Schedule-5.png

Class Rules

All students must follow the below rules when training in our online classes. This is to ensure a safe, respectful and productive environment during class. Failure to follow these rules will result in a warning in the first instance, disciplining the second time (for example, push ups or holding horse stance) and dismissal from all classes without refund in the third occurrence.

- Students must show up on time to class. This means students must have their training space ready, be warmed up and be waiting on Zoom by the time the class begins.

- Students must be respectful to their master and fellow students. Interruption, insults, bad language or bullying behaviour will not be tolerated.

- If students cannot attend class for any reason, they should let Master Wang know at the earliest opportunity - you can contact him via Zoom message or via WhatsApp/Viber at +385 97 725 5860. This is to ensure that Master Wang knows who is attending class and can plan the class material and his timetable accordingly.

- Students must be active participants in the class (camera turned on and following the material taught to their best ability). This will allow Master Wang to provide you with feedback to help you progress - don't worry if you can't do the movements perfectly, however we do expect all students to try their best and train seriously.

Take a look at this preview of a typical group class with Master Wang for an idea of what to expect:

Training Plan

Below is the typical training plan for the material you can expect to learn during your online training. Please note that Master Wang will tailor the material you study according to your individual requirements, so the exact material learnt will vary from person to person. How quickly you progress depends on how seriously you train and the consistency of your practice.


Elementary level: Xiao Hong Quan, Wu Xing Shi Ba Fa (Five Elements Eighteen Methods), Tongbi Quan.

Intermediate level: Da Hong Quan, Qi Xing Quan (Seven Star Boxing), Xiao Luohan, Jingang Quan, Taizu Chang Quan, in addition to weapons forms such as Shaolin Staff, Shaolin Dao (Broadsword) and Shaolin Spear.

Advanced level: Da Luohan Quan, Chang Hu Xinyi Men Quan, Nan Quan (Southern Boxing), plus weapons forms such as Yin Shou Staff, Meihua Dao (Plum Blossom Broadsword), Damo Jian (Bodhidharma Straight Sword), Lianhuan Spear etc.


Tai Chi

Elementary level:

Standing practices: Zhan Zhuang practices such as Standing Like a Tree, Opening and Closing and Lifting and Falling.

Dynamic practices: Part the Wild Horse's Mane, Brush Knee and Push, Cloud Hands etc, culminating in learning the Yang Style 24 Step Tai Chi form.

Intermediate level: Yang Style 42 Step, Chen Style 18 Step, Yang Style 32 Step Straight Sword, Yang Style 36 Step Fan Form.

Advanced level: Yang Style 48 Step, Chen Style 74 Step Old Frame First Road, Chen Style 47 Step Straight Sword, Chen Style 42 Step Chen Style Fan Form.


Students will usually begin by studying Shaolin Baduanjin before progressing to further sets such as Shaolin Rou Quan (Soft Boxing), Shaolin Damo Yijin Jing and Shaolin Jingang Li Gong. The content is aimed at guiding rehabilitation and promoting health care in students through the practice of these Qigong routines, which stretch and regulate the whole body.

Online Student Testimonials

Training Plans & Fees

Please find the prices for online classes below - please note that your first class is free of charge, so you are welcome to come and try a class out to see if it's the right thing for you.

Tuition is paid monthly and must be paid on the same date each month at the start of your plan.

For example, if you wanted to take one group class per week, and your first paid class was on the 2nd of September, you would pay 40€ on the 2nd of September, and then continue to pay on the 2nd of each month for as long as you continue to take classes.

Please note that if you fail to turn up to class without notifying Master Wang with adequate notice, you will not be refunded.

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