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Class 7: Drop Stance

Drop Stance (扑步, Pū Bù) is an important Kung Fu movement that helps work on single leg balance and stability. It develops our hip, knee, and ankle strength and mobility in addition to being beneficial for leg strength. The movement also helps to open the hips, meaning that it carries over to flexibility for splits, kicks etc. In fist forms, it is used mainly to train for low movements like the front and back sweep, as well as for transitions into throws and takedowns, whilst the movement can also be used as a “shovel kick” aimed to strike/trip at the opponent’s shins. Meanwhile, when it comes to weapons forms such as the Staff (棍, Gùn), the stance is often used to drop the weight behind the weapon whilst smashing downwards.

From a traditional Chinese medicine perspective, the inner thigh is where the liver, spleen and kidney meridian are located. These are essential for martial artists as they transport fresh Qì (气) and blood to the body to maintain continuous blood flow and remove congestion. Pū Bù helps to open these meridians, allowing for better stamina during training or sparring.

Today’s Class

In today’s class, you will be learning three basic movements involving Pū Bù. Practicing this material will help build your familiarity in transitioning into the stance as well as improve your understanding of different planes of movement within the stance, including actions such as threading, blocking/scooping and grabbing/pulling from the stance.

Once you are familiar with the movements from today’s class, try the following:

  • 10 Drop Stance Threading Palm

  • 10 Drop Stance Mantis Hook

  • 10 Drop Stance High Block and Low Hook

Once you’ve completed one set of each movement, rest and repeat as many times as desired according to your fitness levels. Good luck, and see you for the next class, where we’ll be learning Shaolin basic kicks.


Xing Long Kung Fu School

Traditional Shaolin & Tai Chi Martial Arts Academy

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